Friday, October 8, 2010

Foto Seksi Artis Sheila Marcia " Fresh Look "

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Tempest befall happy plans Sheila Marcia and Roger. In a raid apartment in Golden Sky Pluit, Thursday, August 7, 2008, Sheila Marcia was caught having a party drug. Along with four of his friends, Sheila herded into Mapolsek Penjaringan. In the trial, Sheila punishable by five years in prison and a fine of 100 million.

Her boyfriend, Roger Danuarta initially continue to receive and contending Sheila will remain married even if Sheila could face five years in prison. According to her father, an avid Jhonny held a press conference after Sheila was caught, Roger Danuarta still feel optimistic will remain married to Sheila Marcia.

Sheila Marcia eventually had to undergo life imprisonment itself, Roger Danuarta no longer cares. As with the prospective in-laws who could defend it now raise your hand. Johnny explains Roger had not communicate anymore with Sheila.

In a statement early November 2008, Johnny admitted to not thinking about the continuation of the relationship of Roger and Sheila. After breaking up with Roger, she was going out with Jupiter Fortissimo or known by Josh Pieter.

December 15, 2008, Sheila was sentenced to one year prison sentence. But not even a year, precisely on Friday, March 6, 2009 Sheila was out from behind prison bars.

However, for the second time, Sheila Marcia again arrested and had to settle custody in a state of pregnancy. Sheila who have not married up to now conceal the baby's father. Accompanied by his mother, Sheila who is pregnant should live the rest of his sentence in prison.

Behind bars, Sheila Marcia recounts. She shares one room cell with six other residents. Although Sheila was pregnant, Sheila treated the same. If you want to check it implies, he should see a general practitioner who served in jail. Just like other prisoners, Sheila beralasakan sleep only a thin mattress.

According to his lawyer, the body began to swell, Sheila Marcia cold and hard to move. During the detention period a second time, Sheila celebrate Christmas in jail. Because of his perseverance to maintain the womb, Mother and Child Hospital Harapan Bunda give awards to Sheila as an icon of anti-abortion.

Finally, the freedom that awaited greet this girl. Tuesday, January 9, 2010 Sheila officially out of jail. With enlarged abdomen in pregnancy that reaches the age of eight months, Sheila Marcia free.

Sheila's mother, Mary Joseph, who had been faithful accompany Sheila Marcia various problems pick up the baby. To please her son, she took a walk to the mall and had lunch together.

Along with freedom of Sheila, a former girlfriend Sheila, Delano Ezer participate pick up Sheila Marcia.Although the fabric of romance between Sheila and Delano Ezer aground in the middle of the road, both admitted their friendship remains intact.

Post free from jail, Sheila Marcia gave birth to her son in February 2010. She said his main concern now is concentrated on newborn infants. Later revealed, the father of the baby is Anji Drive, vocalist leading the band. In the future, he intends to be back starring in soap operas.

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